From the start.

I've titled this website "adbetise". Dictionary.com tells me that betise is a synonym for folly. It's the kind of thing I'm going to be writing about: folly in advertising. While the entire concept of advertising is certainly in itself a form of folly, we're going to have to accept as our premise that there might be a way of approaching the foul practice with a hint of wisdom and of good judgement.

We're going to have to accept that it's possible that a dollar spent on advertising can in fact be a dollar well spent. We're going to have to operate under the assumption that businesses, in their current form, exist; that consumers, in their current form, exist; and that it is conceivable, within the vast reaches of the universe, to attempt to bring the two of them together without making oneself entirely spiritually bankrupt.

We accept this premise in the same way that we accept war, that we accept poverty, starvation, material excess, and the lack of good programming on network television.

It's what we've been handed, and it's our lot to make the best of it.


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