I think I feel that my thoughts are more important than my feelings.

Purely for the sake of an example, let's look at this upcoming presidential election. Current polls have both candidates neck and neck. A person could get the feeling that no matter what happens, 40% of people will vote for one guy, 40% of people will vote for the other guy.

If you ask these people, it might turn out that one group would say something like,

"The guy I want to vote for seems like a good guy. He speaks from his heart and he does what he knows is right. He has good values,"

and the other group would say,

"I think this candidate has a good platform, and he's got policies that I think will be good for the country and good for me in the long run".

A felt decision versus a considered decision.

Do people generally fall into one of these two camps? Is it a fair way to divide up the population?

"I go with my gut."

"I think things through and do what's prudent."

At a restaurant, some people might order what they feel like eating, some may order what they think will be a good value. Do we choose different times to use either type of choosing? Is that decision active, meaning are we aware of it? Is it imprinted from birth?

Can we use advertising to influence which kind of choosing people will use when it comes to our product? Should we?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Interresting read.

I think this is already in some form going on right now.

September 23, 2004 at 7:26 PM  

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