Sometimes things are easier to understand when we look at them from outside of our frame of reference. A football game would seem completely chaotic, violent, and senseless from the line of scrimmage, but from up in the Goodyear we can see the plays being run and follow the ball, and, to some people, it seems to make some kind of sense.

Metaphors are a good way to change one's reference, and to see in full something one is too close to see in anything but fine detail.

So, since we're so close to advertising, let's use a metaphor to explain things in more broad terms. Cooking is actually pretty similar in a lot of ways to advertising. It's a combination of art and science. And a good ad has a lot in common with a good dinner - it's well balanced, satisfying, and pleases the senses.

Maybe we can use it in an ongoing fashion to help us understand advertising a little bit more clearly.


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